The pages of the website have been designed and revised according to the Standards and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in Web 1.0., Produced by the WAI working group, part of the W3C.

The purpose of these guidelines is to facilitate access to information offered on the Internet to all citizens, including those with disabilities. These are the main measures:

Web Standards
The language used for contents and its structure is XHTML 1.0, and to arrange elements and present a graphic used Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). All pages have been validated as XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2. The content is separated from the presentation and functionality, and is accessible from any device.

All images contain a brief description in the attribute "alt".

The links are, by themselves, sufficiently descriptive, so that facilitate navigation link to link. In some cases, complete information through the "title" attribute, for example, when downloading a document or open in new window.

Text size and design Elasticum
The layout of this web site was made with measures to enable the user to adjust the size you want the text as the entire website.
If you want to increase or decrease the size of the presentation, you can do:

  • using the keyboard:
    • Internet Explorer by pressing the "ctrl" and using the mouse rollers.
    • Netscape, Mozilla: press the Ctrl button and '+' to increase the size and the keys "ctrl" and "-" to reduce it.
  • through the menu of your browser: 'see'> 'fontsize'
  • using the tools offered by the website, located at the upper right (A + and A-)

Navigation and usability

  • Simplified navigation system
  • Visual navigation and coherent and consistent throughout the site
  • Logical navigation tab

The user can navigate through the forms in a logical manner using the TAB key. The controls associated with its corresponding label.

Level of accessibility
The contents of have been reviewed with the following automated validation tools:

In addition to the automatic review, has conducted a manual review of the site, to ensure the adequacy of the contents at Double A (AA).

If, while browsing some users encounter problems in accessing the content, or detect any of the checkpoints of the WAI guidelines for their appropriateness to level Double A (AA), thanks to us at the following email address:

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