Welcome to the website of the Tourist Consortium of the Western Sierra Madrid

Through this tool, we intend to provide a permanently open door to the West Madrid Sierra, a way to contact you to everyone who met the various municipalities that form the Tourist Consortium and the wonders that can be seen in each their environments in different eras and styles.

The Tourist Consortium wants to maximize the potential of new technologies to facilitate the relationship between West and Sierra ciudadadano therefore our website meets the standard of accessibility Double A (AA) which enables people with disabilities and people independently greater than or technical aids, to use our site and benefit from it. We have a web page dynamic, flexible, secure and versatile, which can access 100% of users.

We invite you to tour this area with the intention that the content you love and encourage you to visit every corner of the Western Sierra. We are confident that by visiting our website you can not resist the charms of these spectacular places, most of them unknown. Dream places to visit in all seasons, as their beauty does not distinguish between seasons: in winter the snow-capped mountains and beautiful scenery spring.

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Best regards,
María Begoña García Martín
President of Sierra West Tourist Consortium

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